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Playing poker with two aces and chips.


The Most Exciting Poker in Shreveport

Get ready to ante up for the best in Live Poker at Eldorado Casino Shreveport. The Poker Room is designed for Poker players who love the game. Our professional Poker Room staff will help you get into the game you want and are there to serve you throughout your stay. For Poker Room information call 318-220-5274.

Shreveport Poker - Rules and Information

The Eldorado Shreveport Poker Room features Texas Hold 'Em and Omaha Hi. To join a game, simply register with the host at the Poker Room entrance. All players are seated on a first come, first serve basis.

Texas Hold 'Em

The object of Texas Hold 'Em is to make the best five-card high hand, using any combination from your two dealt down cards and the five face up "community" board cards. A designated dealer button is used to determine the betting position, the order of dealing the cards and the order of the blinds. The dealer button rotates clockwise after each hand. If more than one player remains in the end, after all bets are acted upon, a showdown determines who wins the pot. All players still active in the hand share equally in the pot when the best five-card hand is formed by the five community cards.

Eldorado's Poker Room $20k Freeroll

  • Players will earn points staring January 1 through March 18
  • The tournament date is March 24 at 12 PM, registration starts at 10 AM
  • Every hour played is worth 50 Points
  • Top 50 players are guaranteed a seat
  • Alternates are allowed only to fill the remaining 50 seats (Alternates will start filling the seats at 12 PM)
  • All other seats will be cash seats ($340 buy-in)
  • Players will receive 10k in tournament chips
  • $20 for the staff fee will get you an additional 5k in tournament chips
  • 20 min levels

1st place = $8,000
2nd place= $4,000
3rd place $2,400
4th place= $1,400
5th place = $1,200
6th place=$1,000
7th place=$ 700
8th place = $500
9th and 10th place =$400

*It is the player’s responsibility to make sure that they are clocked in and out. There will be clock in sheets provided used to resolve any discrepancy. These will need a dealer and a supervisor signature for review. Players will be clocked out once they have received a missed blind button.  See the poker room for details or questions

Poker Room Promotions

Royal Flush & Straight Flush Bonus

24 Hours a Day

  • Any player who makes a Royal Flush will win $300 
  • Any Royal Flush where both hole cards play and go to the river 
  • Any player who makes a Straight Flush wins $100 
  • Both hole cards must play and hand must go to the river

Splash the Pot

Monday - Friday 10 AM

  • On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 9am all tables will be splashed with $100
  • Table must have a min. of 5 active players

High Hand

Thursday 1 PM-1 AM

  • Win $100 at 3, 5, & 9 PM.
  • Win $200 at 11 PM & 1 AM.
  • Both hole cards must play and go to the river.
  • Players must have a Full house or better to qualify.
  • It is the players responsibility to identify they have made a High Hand.
  • Winning player must be actively playing at the time the promotion is paid in order to qualify.

4th Street Jackpot (Hold'em Only)

Monday-Tuesday 10 AM-6 PM

  • Any time the dealer makes a 4-card flush on the board, the next hand dealt will be splashed $50.
  • Any time the deal makes a 4-card straight on the board, the next hand dealt will be splashed $100.
  • There must be $20 or more in the pot at the time the turn card is dealt, and the Supervisor must verify the board before the River is dealt.
  • Any misdeals or errors that would affect the natural order of the flop and turn will void this promotion.

Flush Frenzy

Sunday-Thursday 2-8 AM

  • Any player that hits a flush will receive $50
  • Both hole cards must play
  • One payout per suit per promo time
  • Must go to the river but does not have to be called

$100 Aces Cracked

24 Hours a Day

  • 4/8 or 3/6 limit hold'em

Omaha Single Table Bad Beats

24 Hours a Day

  • Any Royal Flush will pay $250 
  • Any player holding Quad 8’s or better that is beaten will win $2,000 Bad Beat 
  • To be paid as: Bad Beat hand wins $800 the high hand wins $400 and the remaining players evenly split the last $800 
  • Only one Bad Beat will be paid per day per table (This applies to all Omaha games)

Bad Beat Jackpot

24 Hours a Day

  • Four of a Kind 5’s or better beaten by Four of a Kind 6’s or better wins the Bad Beat Jackpot
  • Win our Mini Bad Beat Jackpot with Aces over 10’s or better beaten by Four of a Kind or better
  • Both Players’ hole cards must play and both Players’ kickers must beat the board to qualify 
  • Winning hand must be called by the “Bad Beat”, which must be the second best hand 
  • Table must have minimum of 4 Players and $20 in the pot with a full rake in effect 
  • Contact our Poker Room for more information and current totals

Bad Beat Jackpot 24 Hours a day, 7 Days a Week...Call for Current Totals! Winners must be members of Club Eldorado, have a valid state-issued photo ID, and be playing in a live action poker game.

Poker Room Tournaments

Roy's Kids

24 Hours a Day

For all Poker Room tournaments, players can bring an unwrapped toy, backpack, or both for registration. For giving one item, players will receive $700 in tournament chips, and $1,500 in tournament chips for both. All contributions go to Roy’s Kids. Friday will receive half the values of tournament chips due to the initial amount received. Please provide a gift with at least $10 value.


Receive Bonus Chips for live action play immediately prior to tournaments

  • 4 Hours = 2500 Tournament chips
  • 3 Hours = 2000 Tournament chips
  • 2 Hours = 1500 Tournament chips
  • 1 Hour  = 1000 Tournament chips

**Max bonus chips for any one tournament is $2,500

Registration begins 1 hour prior to each tournament

Tuesday $70 Re-Entry No-Limit Hold’em – $2,000 Guarantee

6:30 PM                                              

  • $60 buys $3000 in tournament chips (25 minute levels)   
  • Optional $10 staff fee receives an additional $2,000 in tournament chips

Thursday $20 Free4All No-Limit Hold'em – $1,000 Prize Pool

6:30 PM                                                  

  • $10 buys $4,000 in tournament chips (15 minute levels)
  • Optional $10 staff fee receives an additional $2,000 in tournament chips
  • Bonus Chips for prior Live Action Play only; $2,500 maximum
  • No toy/backback bonus for this tournament

Saturday $155 No-Limit Bounty Hold'em

2 pm

  • $145 buys $5,000 in tournament chips
  • $25 Bounty on all players
  • Re-entry allowed until the end of 3rd level
  • Optional $10 staff fee receives an additional $2500 in tournament chips

Sunday $130 Re-Entry ADD-ON No-Limit Hold’em

2 pm

  • $120 buys $7,500 in tournament chips/25 minute levels
  • $50 add-on receives $5,000 tournament chips
  • Re-entry allowed until the end of the 3rd level
  • Optional $10 staff fee receives an additional $2500 in tournament chips

Sit n Go’s


  • Ask a Supervisor! $130-$530 10 Player Turbo!!

Please Call the Poker Room at (318) 220-5274 for complete tournament and promotional details.



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